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Офиц. информация с фейсбука: We’ve been working hard on getting the next series of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries up and running, however despite the rumour mill, we’re not in production as yet.

No official word on when Phryne will be returning to your screens but we hope to have an announcement soon. We’ll keep you updated with the development of the series and any little tid-bits that we can offer in the meantime.

History of the Home: www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDw2yNdQPho&feature=rel...

Еще я обещала какие ссылки?))

Также, давайте к следующему вс каждый придумает по 5-7 слов на общий диктант, как мы раньше делали.:))

И Victorian Wife Swap:

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